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About Us

Bacteco provides the best of agricultural fertilizers throughout the World satisfying farmers and gardeners with higher growth and better yields. Our award-winning formula helps plants and farms flourish through the season and makes farmers feel like a festival going on in their fields. Quick and easy application, effective and long-lasting penetration allows you to have maximum production in your valuable time spent on the fields.

With know-how based on years-long experience, we have developed a unique vision in providing the best solutions for our customers. Our research and development activities resulted in building a modern structure. In 2018, we established a high-tech production facility allowing us to produce more than a hundred special type fertilizers. Bacteco’s engineers monitor every new step in the scientific innovations to dynamically fulfill the evolving needs and expectations in the agriculture.

Our team of professionals maintains the quality of service through planning, marketing, logistics and in the other phases of the chain. Once a Bacteco product is sold, the service does not end there. Post-sale services include user training activities and on-demand technical support.