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Barrier STOP

TOMATOES Starts with tying to stakes and applied with 10-day breaks. 1st Application  500 cc 2nd Application  250 cc
CUCUMBER, ZUCCHINI, MELON, WATER MELON Starts with tying to stakes.   After 10-day-breaks 200 cc  
EGGPLANT, PEPPER   Starts with tying to stakes. After 10-day-breaks 200 cc
STRAWBERRY In the spring when tillers reach 10-15 cm and after fruit harvest After 10-day-breaks 100 cc
GREEN BEANS CUT FLOWER February and July After 10-day-breaks 100 cc After 15-day-breaks 200 cc
  FEATURES: It stimulates all the energy in the plants for flowering and fruiting, shortens distance between the nodes. Plants body gets thickened, and more powerful flower and fruit growth are observed in the plants. It reduces vegetative growth and increases generative progress in all the plants. In the fruit trees, it increases fruit windows and reduces pruning costs. BarrierSTOP provides around 30% increase in fruit growth and flower holding. BarrierSTOP is absorbed rapidly from the roots. Because of its “vein enlarger” effect, flow of nutrition and additives get more effective within the body of the plant. Photosynthesis occurs healthier and faster. Therefore, development and growth of flowers, fruits and roots in the plants get faster. This product is formulated to support quality of plant growth. It activates the defense system in the plant body and reinforces its resistance against diseases and harmful agents. Overdose in its application must be avoided. Ideal application is drip irrigation system. Climate conditions and plant types must be taken into consideration during its application.