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Phenomenon FRINGE

Phenomenon FRINGE


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Providing perfect root development, Pandora Fringe is used for gaining high quality and healthy plants. It is very effective in seedlings rooting. The content develops capillary rooting and develops strong fringes. When applied, it supports chlorophyll and photosynthesis, increases protein synthesis and accelerates plant respiration. It provides early development and increases quality.

When applied through the soil, it supplies the soil-dependent nutritious elements (especially phosphor and trace elements that could not otherwise be taken without problem) to the use of the plant by making them useful via the complexing method. This provides efficiency in the use of other fertilizers. Increases soil capacity in cation exchange.

It ensures healthy reproduction of the roots and microorganisms. It fixes physical structure and improves microbiological, physical and chemical structures of the soil.

Accelerates root growth and activates the root system.

Because of its complexing and transporting features, it facilitates the consumption of both the existing nutrition materials in the soil and added fertilizers.  This product is an anionic transporter.