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Picasso CAL

Picasso CAL



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It is a special mixture containing Nitrogen and Calcium, that can be taken rapidly and thoroughly by the plants. Because of the Nitrate Nitrogen in the content, the elements it contains can be carried by both leaves and roots to the body of the plant.

It roams fast in the body to leaves and fruits. It brings a serum effect and quickens the flow of water and nutrition in the plant veins. Therefore, the stress of heat, water, and nutrition in the plants get to the minimum.

Especially in the plants that are grown in the hot seasons, some problems may occur such as flower and fruit falls, dry clusters, fading colors in fruits, cracks, etc because of the direct impact of the heat or dew stress. This product kicks in to avoid or eliminate these problems. This product provides shininess in the green part, brightness in the fruit color and improve smoothness.

When it enters the body, photosynthesis gets faster and plants get rehabbed. It increases nutrition development and mobility within the plant by adjusting its pH grade. By strengthening the cell membrane, this product helps plants improve immunity.

When combined with Picasso Molibor, the impact gets greater.

When given together with Picasso N, it fixes narrow fruit edge problems in the fruits like Cucumber, Zucchini, Eggplant, Pepper, and Banana right away. In the plants with oval fruits, it makes fruit edges plump, prevents fruit blossom end rotting and cracks.