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Picasso CUPPER

Picasso CUPPER



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This is a special chelated cupper with EDTA. It revives and rejuvenates the plant. It is absorbed through the plants’ stomas rapidly and carried rapidly within the plants. Avoids problems caused by lack of copper, helps develop resistance against the effects of unfavorable conditions.

  This product provides resistance particularly against diseases (bacterial and fungal), rapidly taken from the root or the leaf and transported. Shows its effects where it is moved to. What makes this product so special is the fast outcomes and systematic work style.

  It rapidly supplies the needed cupper to the plant. Copper is essential for the occurrence of photosynthesis or chlorophyll. In its absence, chlorophyll, proteins, vitamins and growth hormones slow down or stop completely. This causes paling in color. Therefore, it is crucial to supply the needed cupper and making this process fast. This product works for this purpose.

  This product is a chelated liquid copper that is easily absorbed in whole by plant roots and leaves and it is applied in any soil and condition.