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Picasso K

Picasso K



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This product is a liquid fertilizer containing high-grade potassium that can be applied both through the soil and leaves. Potassium is the second most needed element in the plants after Nitrogen. Therefore, it is taken in large amounts from the soil. No other element can replace potassium. It carries sugar, protein and other metabolic products that plants produce to the storage organs. In the plants with inferior potassium, fruits can be shapeless and shrunk in size.

It is an effective product specially used before the harvest for better quality fruits. Besides its main feature of growing fruits, it helps the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other nutrition elements in the plants.

The research practices show that perfect coloring and fruit quality in tomatoes observed in the application of this product. It made melons tastier. Quickened the growth and harvest time in cucumbers, eggplants, and peppers.

Fruits get better color, aroma and storage life increase.
Increase in the number of fruits.
Supports bigger fruit development.
It provides harder fruit development.
Extend the longevity of products in stocks.
It helps homogenize the fruits.
Ensures the overall quality of the fruits.
When used with our products that include nitrogen it rapidly enlarges the fruits.