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This product is meant to cover the needs of trace elements in the plants when used regularly. It is a liquid product that can be taken fast and it contains microelements. When applied in the plants, it fills the lack of elements, so fading disappears, the plant produces new tillers and sprouts. It gets to a healthier and more green state. As a result, it contributes much to yields and promotes quality in plants.

It is possible to supply the plants with all the trace elements that plants need. In the lack of trace elements, chlorosis develops in the plants, deformation and spots form in the leaves. Therefore, trace elements must be added through leaves or via drip irrigation for healthy growth and development. Giving these elements in a complex form provides advantages. The use of trace elements always provides product mass and quality.

Iron is one of the scarcest microelements found on the earth. In some countries, agricultural lands may lack Zinc, Mangan, and Iron because of the limy nature or high pH of the soil, and high pH level of the water.

Iron, zinc, and Mangan play an essential role in plants’ respiration, photosynthesis, enzyme activities, and chlorophyll synthesis. Since these elements have less movement within the plants they must be given regularly.

The lack of microelements shows its signals in the young leaves first. They turn pale while their inter-veins remain green. This product is meant to cover the needs of trace elements in the plants when used regularly.

Newly growing tillers will be thin and short, size of fruits decrease, brown stains show up around the core veins. When this product has used, these symptoms in the plants disappear. Plants release new tillers and sprouts.

Iron, Zink, and Mangan in Micromix are produced in a form that can be thorough as the plants need them.