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Picasso N

Picasso N



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Picasso N


With the nitrogen-high-content, this liquid fertilizer designed especially for leaf applications and drippings. The purity and solubility of the nitrogen resources it is made of help plants to absorb it fast. Nitrogen is the most important element that supports cell-reproduction and chlorophyll photosynthesis, highly absorbed by the plants during the main period of the growth.

Supporting leaf and sprout production provides better vegetative growth, and assists to yield. When used together with our potassium-based products, it rapidly enlarges the fruits.

It is crucial to supply the right form of nitrogen to the plants that need nitrogen under stressful conditions. Our product with the Urea Ammonium Nitrate contained, fast and constantly supplies the plant with the needed nitrogen. Especially when there is a lack of nitrogen and weak vegetative growth, our product shows a perfect impact.

Besides filling the deficiency, it remains in the soil and extends its effects.